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How to Properly Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listings are one of the very best ways to be found online, especially for brick-and-mortar stores. However sometimes your listing just isn’t showing or has incorrect information. In this short piece we will explain some easy tips with anyone having trouble with their listing. We will show you how to properly optimize your My Business Listing so potential customers will easily find you in your area you are based in.

Create or Claim your Listing

This is the first and most important step. Google is all about showing accurate information so always make sure you use relevant accurate information about you business in all aspects of your online presence.

Before you create a listing go on google maps to make sure you don’t perhaps already have a listing already. This usually holds true for businesses that have existed for some time, you see anyone with a google account can create one and often they already are there. So if you have a listing there you have to claim it.

Do a Google maps search to see if you have an existing listing. Click the listing to get the full name. Also take a look to see if the info is correct.

If you have an existing listing or have to create a new fresh one. You will have to visit the Google My Business Website to create or claim the existing listing. Use this url: business.google.com/add. Once there simply follow the on screen steps to complete the process. When you have Claimed the listing Google will give you various options on how to verify it. Usually on old listings you can simply verify it with a phone number. On new listings they will send a postcard to your address, this takes a few weeks. You simply log-in to enter the code and the listing is now verified. For more info about claiming ownership, use google’s full instructions here.

Accurate Information on your My Business Listing

Make sure you have info in every available text field. Give as much info as you can, text, photos, reviews & location.

The next step is to make sure you make all the relevant information about your business is available to the general public. In your My Business profile you need to go though all the information and ensure your contact details, address, name and business hours are displayed and accurate. Its also helpful to list more helpful information such as: holidays when you are closed/open, disabled access, food options?, payment methods accepted, types of services offered or types of products. Also select the most relevant business categories for your business, this can be hard if you are a general kind of store so pick a few that suits you the most.

Upload your most recent logo and a cover photo or image relevant to your business. Its usually a good idea to make sure that all the images show your product or service you provide at a glance. People respond to images faster than text. The new listings allow for you to upload pictures about your business and even videos and posts. Take advantage of this and upload as much interesting photos of your store or services you can. 

For example if your a restaurant show the seating the kids play area. Create a post with your current menu or specials. Dates of events, the possibilities are endless. Many people scope out a place before they visit so if you have some photos it will result in more visits, that much is a guarantee. Also make sure to list all your contact numbers if you have multiple numbers.

Stay Active on your listing

New listings take some time to show and perform however the more active you are the quicker this happens. Post daily posts about your business, post new photos of products or jobs you completed for a customer, post informative info about events or anything your customers need to know. Answer questions people might ask about your business on the listing, and respond to reviews people may leave on the listing too good or bad. Stay active as much as you can.

To make this process easier use the mobile app so you can quickly and easily interact with the listing while your are out and about. You can download the app here.

Posts like these inform customers about your offer and are usually diaplyed above other listings if they are recent.

Try and Get more Reviews for your Business

Reviews make businesses stand out by a massive amount. Google still takes location into consideration, but more reviews will always be better. Ask your customers for feedback.

When the listing is fresh its likely to not have any reviews. The best way to stand out over your competitors is to have many reviews, even better if they are positive reviews. if you are an established business always ask your customers to give an honest review on your listing. Once your listing is established google will notify customers after their visit and ask their opinion about your service or the experience they had. Google also verifies certain facts about you business such as disabled access and payment options if you haven’t specified that on your listing

One of the best ways is to create an incentive. Example provide a small discount on their next order or a small perk such as a free drink or complimentary gift on their next visit if they show you their review. But most importantly is to ask for an honest review and never try and suggest to customers to only make positive reviews. Its all about accuracy & transparency.

One of the most effective ways we get reviews for our clients is to mail out any customer that has recently visited a client and ask them about their experience and include a link to the listing. Most of them respond and over time, the listing performs much better because now other potential customers can see the service or product is good. Reviews are probably the number 1 thing that makes a massive difference in the publicity of a listing.

Keeping an Eye on Analytics of your My Google Business Listing

The insights panel of the Google my business profile will give you plenty fo information to help you in making more effecient marketing decisions.

When your listing isn’t performing so well you can always take a closer look at your profile and google will provide analytics about how people interact with your business listing. You might notice plenty people see your listing but don’t call or ask for directions. With this data you can quickly conclude what sticking points there are and what you need to work on.

If there are plenty “ask for directions” triggers but no people in your store your location might be incorrect so take another look at your map and make sure the tag is accurate. Lots of calls clicked but no received calls? Confirm your phone number and test the button on your mobile device to test.

You can also use the “insights” panel to see what keywords people are using to find you. Focus on more relevant keywords in your listing and posts to make sure more people will find your listing. It also shows you what areas people are coming from this can be very helpful in the event you decide to advertise your listing so you can focus on a specific area to target and have a more cost effective advertising campaign.