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What is Facebook Pixel? And why you should use it.

Analytics are probably one of the most important aspects of online marketing. It provides you deeper insight into your audience behavior and return on ad spend. Use It!

By Francois Landsberg

One of the greatest benefits of advertising online is you can target your relevant audience much more accurately compared to print advertising. In order to do that more efficiently you need to keep a close eye on your analytics data. You see platforms like Facebook with the help of their own analytics tag called Pixel can instantly see the behavior of people on your website or sales funnel. Facebook uses this data to make better targeting decisions and will target more relevant customers for your product you are advertising.

“Problem is many new advertisers, particularity people who are just starting out and testing the waters, don’t even know about facebook’s pixel and most new people do not even use it”

Problem is many new advertisers particularity people who are just starting out and testing the waters, don’t even know about facebook’s pixel and most new people do not even use it. So Facebook is advertising your product or service only based on behavior on Facebook itself. Facebook has no idea what traffic is actually resulting in sales. This is why its very important to use this tracking analytics tool to gather data on what your users are doing in order to make better budget decisions down the line. As a marketing service provider we do not do any kind of adverts without some kind of analytics especially on Facebook & Instagram.

Sales Funnel That Facebook Uses for Conversion Metrics

Installing the pixel is a very easy and simple process to see how to pull it off simply follow the instructions from Facebook here.

Once the pixel is installed it will immediately start gathering data about user’s behavior on your website. It will give you all the relevant information you need to make smarter decisions about your sales funnel. The best part about this is Facebook takes this data in and automatically uses it in your active ad campaigns. If it sees that most traffic does not result in the desired goal of your advert it will test a different audience until it finds success.

Here are some key sales funnel steps facebook can use in order to target people more accurately:

  • Landing page visits (landing page counts if a user has successfully clicked your link and loaded your website page)
  • Add To cart, Initiate payment or Purchase.
  • Sales Leads (if users contact your phone number or fill in a contact form.
  • Other data like bounce rates¬†and demographics are also recorded

Always use a pixel in your ad campaign that involve a website especially if you are aiming towards some sort of sales result. If your ads are not performing the pixel data will tell you everything you need to know about why your campaign is not performing well. The more data your pixel gather the better it becomes at finding relevant customer and acquiring the goals you want.

But Wait there is more!

Although keeping track of sales is pretty cool, the use of the pixel goes much deeper than this. Once the pixel has a solid foundation of data you can start creating other audiences based of successful traffic on your site. You can create lookalike audiences, audiences based on people who have reached a certain goal or even a similar audience based on the traffic of your website in general.

  • Lookalike Audiences: Facebook created a similar audience based on whatever goal you select with a percentage. The higher the percentage the bigger the audience and the less similar the people would be. Its wise to test all percentages all the way to 10%.
  • Re marketing: You can target people on every step of your sales funnel. Run and show ads to people who visited you site but has not yet made a purchase, another ad for people who still need to checkout and even ads to people who have purchased to convince them to return.

In Conclusion

So whenever you are planing to run some ads on any social media website find out what analytics they provide and use it. Even if you re just using the “boost post” button Facebook wants your ads to succeed. The more sales you make the more you will be willing to invest into your ad campaigns. Facebook has many helpful guides on running successful campaigns you can work thought them here its called the Facebook Blueprint.

Feel free to take a look through. If you need any help or have limited time to run your our campaigns we would love to help you with online marketing.

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